TLauncher is a great alternative to Minecraft Launcher, which allows the player to install Minecraft games, install Minecraft Skin, Minecraft Mod … to experience the open world in different ways.

Features of TLauncher

Install Minecraft versions

This Minecraft launcher includes all official Minecraft releases from Mojang, including the latest version of Minecraft – 1.12.2. There are not too many changes compared to the use of Minecraft Laucher, the entire file is downloaded from the developer’s server, giving the player a clean, stable version of Minecraft.

Install Minecraft Forge , Optifine HD with one click

Thanks to TLauncher , you can install Minecraft Forge – the tool you need to install Minecraft Mod in general and Opfifine HD in particular – optimize your game and boost your FPS. These tools are installed separately and you have the right to choose the version that matches the original Minecraft game. With TLauncher, you will save a lot of time when you want to install more mods for the original game.

Set TLauncher arbitrary
Set TLauncher at your discretion to optimize the Minecraft gaming experience

Offers exclusive skin, variety

In Minecraft TLauncher , you can set up your own skins and explore the rich Minecraft skin. Skin is not official but has HD quality.

Sign in with your Minecraft account

You can log in to TLauncher with a Minecraft account to synchronize your license server, skin system, nickname … The request will be sent directly to the developer server and encrypted securely.

Install mods automatically into the game

Within TLauncher, users can download the popular Minecraft mods from various Minecraft editions. It’s easy to find new releases as they are categorized by theme and version.

Sign in to your Minecraft account
Login TLauncher with Minecraft account to sync data

Minecraft Launcher is a reliable, user-friendly support

TLauncher is constantly being developed and modified to solve bugs and add new features.Users may submit bug reports or submit contributions.

Even though it has much smaller capacities than the Minecraft Launcher, TLauncher still meets the needs of managing and installing Minecraft on PCs . With modern and clear interface, you can freely search and install skin, mod, game update … to experience the latest content from Minecraft.